Coin School in nature - high tatras, Antique Copper

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Activation code: svp2017

Coin size : 55 x 49,7 x 4mm 

Coin prefix : SC (tracktable at 

Coin case : PVC obal

Style :  Antique Copper  

Coin's author: Pažuriky & I3oris

Coin story:

While preparing event "School in the nature" - High Tatras, Cooper has decided that event would deserve it's own coin. And so we asked well-known geocoin producer Pažuriky&I3oris.

They agreed and started with the grafic design of the coin, which was inspired by design of the listing.Interesting fact about the coin is that the top of it ilustrates High Tatras exactly from the point where event takes a place.

After everybody's approval of the design communication with the producers began. It was really long and exhausting process. It was so hard, that one of team members passed out in the half of the producing process and woke up when the rest of the team was finishing the last details and another member went on a maternity leave.

The coin was retourned to the producing process twice because stickler Martin was still able to find the tiniest mistake.But now we all think that it was worth it and the coin is really beautifull. We can't wait to keep it in our hends.

We believe that you will find it that nice as well and our efford will be rewarded the best by good feedback.

Coin's author: Pažuriky & I3oris

Consulting team: FRUlTIK & Simon Cooper

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Coin School in nature - high tatras, Antique Copper

Coin School in nature - high tatras, Antique Copper